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Dylan is an up and coming audiobook narrator and voice actor native to the United States and speaking English as his primary language. Noted for his approachable, calm, personable, and humorous personas. A versatile performer with a selection of demos in a distinct style. Records from his home studio or on location in Orlando and other connected cities throughout the United States.


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Ted & Stuff

TED & Stuff is now available. Purchase your copy here.

This book is about Ted. Ted is a special fellow who wasn't gifted with intelligence, guile, or sense. Especially sense, Ted and sense keep little company together. But, what he lacks in brain wattage, Ted more than makes up for in his uncanny ability to stumble into situations that threaten his job, well being and, at times, very life. It's up to his arch nemesis The Baron, aka Charles from accounting, Eric, The Baron's boyfriend and a ghost who calls himself Mr. F in polite company to make sure that Ted isn't carried away by his misadventures. It isn't an easy thing, to be sure, but with a little luck, and decent book sales, perhaps Ted will make it through to a sequel.

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A Nation Interrupted

A Nation Interrupted is currently available at Chirp, BookBeat and Audiobooks.com.  

In one of the most unsettling "what-if" reversals to American history, the Union Army is overrun at the Battle of Antietam. Left with no alternative, President Lincoln surrenders, and the Confederate States of America becomes an independent nation. It's a tragic twist that will produce dire, far-reaching ramifications.

As the divided American nations move into the twentieth century, slavery has long since been abolished; but in the summer of 1941, America faces another challenge--an existential challenge. Almost a century after the Civil War, the disastrous consequences of the Union defeat are threatening freedom on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Second World War represents the defining event of the twentieth century. History dictates the United States must play the decisive role in defeating Adolf Hitler and the Nazis--but that history is no longer intact. America has been divided into two nations, and the resulting shift in global power has altered the course of the conflict, bringing all of North America and Western Europe to the brink of annihilation.

In the spring of 1945, as the Nazis are preparing to deliver the final blow, a young academic and a small, elite group of American airmen are about to determine the fate of the world.



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